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Advocates for Public Justice Foundation (APJF), a registered non-profit organization in India, is committed to the cause of a fair, equitable and inclusive society through the enabling power of public interest law. The current environment in India is one of aggressive economic growth and transformation fuelled by globalization. In this context, it is generally agreed that measures must be taken for progress in India to address the needs of broad sections of society. We at APJF believe that applying the principles and provisions of public interest law would help ensure that the benefits of development are available to all and unfair governance, economic, business and social practices do not proliferate. In this context, the causes espoused by APJF are progressive in nature with a particular emphasis in vital areas such as public services, education, employment, economic opportunity, financial services, housing, transport and public infrastructure. APJF works hand-in-hand with persons and organizations in civil society dedicated to the cause of public interest.

The Disability Law Initiative is a project of Advocates for Public Justice Foundation. DLI provides disabled persons all over India with legal advocacy so that they realize positive measures in areas such as employment, education, barrier-free access to facilities, housing and financial services.