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There are a number of organizations working for persons with disabilities all over India. Several of these advocate a rights-based approach for the advancement and betterment of persons with disabilities. The Disability Law Initiative assists such organizations in several ways, with the aim of increasing their capacity to represent the rights and interests of disabled persons:



  • Providing orientation and training in the provisions of important disability laws such as the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 and the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  • Providing awareness and training on legal processes and access to the Courts for impact cases and public interest cases for disabled persons;
  • Communicating the pronouncements of the Indian and international courts on the rights of disabled persons in employment, education, non-discrimination and related areas;



  • Assistance with formulating positions on issues relating to the rights and welfare of disabled persons in India;
  • Advice on planned or desired amendments and enhancements to the disability laws;
  • Appearing at public meetings such as seminars, symposia etc to foster consensus on and support for the rights of disabled persons;


Public Interest Petitions

  • Advice on the legal basis, and necessary research and background work / data, for proposed public interest petitions on issues affecting the rights and welfare of persons with disabilities
  • Approaching the High Courts and Supreme Courts of India with public interest petitions and arguing the same before the courts;