30. Appropriate Governments to prepare a comprehensive education scheme providing for transport facilities, supply of books, etc. –

Without prejudice to the foregoing provisions, the appropriate Governments shall by notification prepare a comprehensive education scheme which shall make Provision for-

a. transport facilities to the children with disabilities or in the alternative financial incentives to parents or guardians to enable their children with disabilities to attend schools;

b. the removal of architectural barriers from schools, colleges or other institutions, imparting vocational and professional training;

c. the supply of books, uniforms and other materials to children with disabilities attending school;

d. the grant of scholarship to students with disabilities;

e. setting up of appropriate fora for the redressal of grievances of parents regarding the placement of their children with disabilities;

f. suitable modification in the examination system to eliminate purely mathematical questions for the benefit of blind students and students with low vision;

g. restructuring of curriculum for the benefit of children with disabilities;

h. restructuring the curriculum for benefit of students with hearing impairment to facilitate them to take only one language as part of their curriculum.