Gainful and respectful employment is vital for integration of persons with disabilities into the social mainstream.  Find below the legal provisions, Government instructions and Court decisions that are key  to secure the right to employment and positive measures to make employment meaningful for persons with disabilities.



E-bulletins in Employment and Disability Law



SC says disabled to get same relaxations as SC/ST

SC Affirms Reservation In Promotion For Disabled Persons In Public Sector



From Psycho-social Disability to Becoming a Judge



A win for inclusivity in employment: Disability is not unfitness, says High Court

Judgment Recall: Reservation in promotion for disabled employees



Disabled candidate not unfit to be an engineer, says Delhi High Court to Railways

Are the Employment Provisions in the New Disability Act Satisfactory?

Special Educators entitled to be treated on par with regular teachers: Calcutta High Court

Supreme Court rejects petition of Oriental Insurance Company to deny persons with disabilities reservation in promotion



Supreme Court to Karnataka Govt.: Don’t keep visually impaired persons out of primary school teacher jobs

Supreme Court directs reservation in promotions for persons with disabilities

Supreme Court endorses Government initiative to hire disabled