2022: the year reservation in promotion finally happened

Public sector employees with disabilities have for long been fighting to get the benefit of reservation in promotion to higher posts. In 2022, prodded by the Supreme Court, the Government of India finally issued instructions to provide for reservation in promotion for persons with disabilities all over India.

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Multi-tasking Staff jobs to be reserved for persons with intellectual disabilities

The post of Multi-Tasking Staff, one of the most commonplace jobs in the Central Government, will now be reserved for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Scribes for persons with writing disability: Government invites comments

The Central Government has invited comments on draft guidelines permitting scribes for persons with disabilities who have difficulty in reading and writing for academic and professional examinations, even if they do not meet the 40% threshold.

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Central Govt. identifies jobs for persons with intellectual disabilities and mental illness

In a major boost for employment of persons with intellectual disabilities and mental illness, the Central Government has published a comprehensive list of jobs in the public sector that are identified as suitable for them.

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