The 2016 Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act provides a valuable new mechanism to ensure that persons with intellectual disabilities are protected from abuse, violence and exploitation.

According to Section 7, any person or registered organisation witnessing an act or likelihood of  abuse, violence or exploitation, may give information about it to the Executive Magistrate within the local limits of whose jurisdiction such incidents occur. The Executive Magistrate on receipt of such information, shall take immediate steps to stop or prevent its occurrence, rescue the victim of such act, and authorise the police or any organisation working for persons with disabilities to provide for the safe custody or rehabilitation of such person.

If the Executive Magistrate finds that the alleged act or behaviour constitutes an offence, he may forward the complaint to that effect to the Judicial or Metropolitan Magistrate, as the case may be, having jurisdiction in the matter.

Section 84 provides for special courts for the purpose of providing speedy trial to try the offences under the Act.