Press Release: SC Affirms Reservation In Promotion For Disabled Persons In Public Sector

A three judge bench of the Supreme Court granted the benefit of reservation in promotion to disabled employees in the public sector, affirming the earlier judgment of the court in the case of Rajeev Kumar Gupta argued by the Disability Law Initiative.

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From Psycho-social Disability to Becoming a Judge

The Delhi High Court has taken a prima facie view that a person with bipolar affective disorder, a psychosocial disability, is eligible to be appointed as a judge pursuant to being successful in the Delhi Judicial Services examination and the variation in the extent to which he is affected cannot be a reason to deny him the benefit of reservation in the post.

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Whither higher education for persons with intellectual disabilities?

As a doorway to employment and the socio-economic mainstream, many persons with intellectual disabilities and their families look forward to the reservation in higher education provided for in the 2016 Disabilities Act. However, several difficulties stand in the way of implementation. This article, one in a series, discusses specific court cases and the provisions in the Act which are intended to counter these.

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Supreme Court takes first steps to make itself accessible

In a sign of the seriousness with which it considers the issue, the apex court has initiated a number of steps to ensure accessibility within its own precincts, including designation of Grievance Redress Officers and Coordinating Officers to “render all possible assistance to lawyers and litigants with disabilities”.

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Issue Spotlight – Making Courts Disabled-friendly

How the Disability Act makes Courts accessible
While it is an obvious and pressing need that the judicial system be available to all, the lack of measures to accommodate disabled persons when they access the Courts is particularly troubling. Fortunately, the 2016 Disabilities Act has a number of provisions, which if properly implemented would go a long way in making Courts and judicial proceedings disabled friendly.

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Case Spotlight – Prashant Kumar vs. Ministry of Railways

A win for inclusivity in employment: Disability is not unfitness, says High Court
In a case argued by Disability Law Initiative, a two judge bench of the Delhi High Court has rejected the appeal of the Railways and reaffirmed the view of the single judge of the Court that the disability of Prashant Kumar, a candidate for the Indian Engineering Services, does not render him unfit for engineering jobs.

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